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Without plastic but with transparency regarding material, origin, impact.


The fitted sheet 120x200 is for wide single beds. Thanks to the fitted sheet with a height of 30 cm, it is (like the other adult sizes) also suitable for thick mattresses.

material and origin

Supply chain transparency is a complicated issue when it comes to textiles. We try to offer you the greatest possible transparency and disclose exactly what is used in our textiles and where it comes from:
a) fabric
170g/m2 fine-interlock jersey made from 100% Lyocell by Mattes&Amman from 74269 Meßstetten
b) sewing thread
100% Lyocell from AE Gütermann from 79261 Gutach im Breisgau
c) elastic
59% organic cotton/41% natural rubber by CharLe from 12459 Berlin
d) care label
100% cotton with black Oeko-Tex100 color by Wunderlabel from 97072 Würzburg
e) packaging
Kraft paper bag from Hera paper processing from 63667 Nidda


The production of this sheet resulted in 6.0 kgCO2eq and was fully offset by Climate Partner. Compared to a dyed cotton sheet, we saved 4149 liters of water and 8.3 kgCO2eq.

Soft and silky

The finely knit jersey made of 100% TENCEL™ feels much softer than you are used to from cotton. Think more silk (but vegan).

Perfect fit

The fine-interlock jersey is stretchable even without elastane (due to the way it is knitted) and sits smoothly on the mattress thanks to the elasticated band all around.

Stays fresh longer

Did you know that we sweat about 500ml a night? Due to the better moisture transport, TENCEL™ is much more hygienic than cotton. It also absorbs odors and dust less and therefore stays fresh longer.

skin friendly

The TENCEL™ fibers are smoother and softer than cotton fibers. In addition, our fabric is undyed (this is rare) and certified by the Association for the Promotion of Body-Friendly Textiles (Certificate No. Z-101-PK-06).

No plastic

All the components of the sheet (fabric, sewing thread, elastic, care label, packaging) are made from plant-based material. This means that no microplastics get into the waste water when the sheet is washed.

Climate neutral certified

Every fitted sheet has its own carbon footprint. All emissions are offset by us via ClimatePartner.

Our premium fabric

100% TENCEL™ yarn (Lyocell) is knitted very finely. This ensures an incomparably silky feeling on the skin. With 170g/m2, we have also treated ourselves to an extra piece of premium in terms of the density and weight of the fabric.

greenaDu has packed the traditional knowledge of the southern German textile industry into the fabric of these fitted sheets. For a silky soft skin feeling and high durability. Designed in Germany, made in Europe.

Our rubber band made of natural rubber

A Berlin entrepreneur supplies the rubber band for our bed sheets: natural rubber woven with cotton. Completely biodegradable and ideal for allergy sufferers as it is residue-free.

The elastic band of a fitted sheet ensures that it can be easily pulled onto the mattress and ensures a firm fit. Petrol-based elastomers are usually used here. Not with greenaDu.

Our plastic-free yarn

Mostly sewn with synthetic threads. But they are not biodegradable. That's why we decided to use sewing thread made from 100% TENCEL™ (Lyocell). More tear-resistant than cotton threads and still plastic-free.

Origin is Germany.

Did you know that TENCEL™ (Lvocell) is made from eucalyptus and beech fibers?

Our care label

Our care labels are woven from cotton and printed with OEKO-TEX certified ink. Here, too, we rely on German suppliers.

The care label on textiles is typically made of polyester. This is not biodegradable and that is why we have replaced this material as well.

Our packaging

Our packaging consists of 100% grass paper or paper from Germany. Grass paper has an even better environmental balance than recycled paper. Not only is it fully recyclable, it is also compostable. The feel of the surface is also something special and makes our fitted sheets a special gift for people who are important to you.

Did you know that the grass box
is compostable?

Customer Reviews

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Peter Vogt

Fühlt sich gut an, ist sanft zur Haut. Da gewirkt(Jersey) - und nicht gewoben -, bleibt das Spannbettlaken straff und knitterfrei. Besser im Bett liegen geht nicht.
Der Touch ist sogar angenehmer als bei hochwertiger mercerisierter Baumwolle.
Also: es gibt keinen Grund, um nicht zur Lyocell-Faser zu wechseln.