About greenaDu

Hello :)

We are Guadalupe and Joerg. Guadalupe is Spanish, Jörg is German and we met in England. Now we have 2 children together. Like so many people, we have asked ourselves the question: How can I live well without “consuming away” the future of the next generations? For us, the textile industry is a very clear example of how our consumption is at the expense of the future. We founded greenaDu to show that things can be done differently.

Guadalupe is a fun-loving Spaniard. She studied English in Spain and then taught at universities and schools in England and Germany. By founding DUMONDO GmbH, she has experience in e-commerce and loves beautiful photos, images and videos. Jörg is a chemist and worked in project management and organizational development after completing his doctorate. He is interested in the technical aspects of sustainable products and business models. In short: How can we develop products and business models that do not come at the expense of future generations?

The greenaDu brand is a consistent commitment to the future of our children. Even if the founding life can be exhausting, we have never had as much time together as we do now. The feeling of doing something good for the world with our little life has never been so palpable as it is now.

If you can sympathize a bit here, then we look forward to exchanging ideas with you!

Lovely wishes
Guadalupe & Jorg